International Federation of Landscape Architects


28–30 September


Moderator, Stockholm

Pernilla Glaser is a curator of transformative conversations, educator of future competences, writer and narrator. 

She has worked in the intersections of art, research and civil society coaching and training facilitators and teachers. Pernilla has a background as a theatre-director and a writer. 

Pernilla has worked extensively with urban development and spatial and societal transformation for example at the Swedish Research Institute Rise and as a teacher at the Royal institute of Art. She has created the creative writing- course at the Association for Swedish Architects.

Pernilla is the founder of Salong Krångel, a multi-experiential space for understand of complexity and FutureMaking Academy; a reading circle for cross- disciplinary reading of research on participation, sustainability and complexity, in collaboration with Malmö University. 

Pernilla is the pedagogic coach for the teachers at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Malmö and has taught reflection, play and collaborative practices in many organizations and as a guest-teacher at UID, Goldsmith, University of arts and craft in Stockholm, Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Uniarts Circus Master in Stockholm.


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