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28–30 September


Walks and talks stockholm

Friday 29 September

Walks and talks are guided site visits that will be held as part of the Friday programme, parallel to the break-out sessions. They are optional and no booking is required.

Starting time 13.00 pm Friday 29 September. The walks will all start from outside Filadelfia Convention Center.

1. Vasaparken and Norra Bantorget

A walk to Vasaparken and Norra Bantorget at Norrmalm.
Vasaparken was built around 1900. The park has been changed in a modernistic style in 1947 with the famous hill terrasses.  In 2006 the park was refurbished and the park got the Siena prize. The most recent addition is the wooden Yoga pavilion.

Norra Bantorget was built I the 50:ies and refurbished 2009 with more green areas instead of traffic areas. Norra Bantorget also received the Siena prize.

Guides: Landscape architects Johanna Jarméus & Tobias Phersson from Nyréns who have designed the Yogapavillion that was recently built and inaugurated.  

The tour will take aprox. 1 hour in total.
Total walking distance: aprox. 3,5 km

2. Campus Albano

A former industrial area directly north of Roslagstull in Stockholm, is currently being converted to accommodate a new university district, a redevelopment which is recently inaugurated. The landscape design for Campus Albano draws upon the site’s unique position within both the Royal National City Park and the cultural heritage landscape that surrounds the lake Brunnsviken. Views and context with the surroundings are fundamental to the development plan with green terraces, streets, alleys, public spaces, park area with a stormwater valley including an integrated artwork from the design practice Ooze, which also is one of the key speakers at the conference.

Guides: Landscape architect Göran Lindberg from Nivå landscape responsible for the landscape project together with the artists Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg from Ooze Architects and Urbanists.

Public transport from St:Eriksplan to the site and then a one hour “walk and talk” at the campus. Total time including travel aprox 2 h.

Total walking distance: aprox. 2 km

3. Röda bergen and Hagastaden

City development in the1920’s & 2020’s 

Röda bergen is Stockholm’s largest single inner-city environment, characterised by the urban planning ideals of the 1920s and buildings in large courtyard blocks. The green environments were the urban response to the garden city. The development of the city’s land was coordinated with the individual to create an elaborate, high-quality urban environment. Röda Bergen as a whole has therefore been protected as a national interest since 1987.

Hagastaden is a new city centre district – where Solna and Stockholm meet. A total of 6,000 new homes and 50,000 workplaces will be built here. Hagastaden will have denser and higher buildings than what is currently common in the cityscape. The ground floors of the residential buildings will contain pre-schools, services, restaurants and cafés. The dense urban structure provides access to good communications and proximity to Stockholm’s entire range of schools, services and green areas.

Guides: Anders Jönsson, AJ Landskap, Karin Lagnefeldt, Exploateringskontoret, Stockholm.

 The tour will take aprox. 1 hour in total.
Total walking distance: aprox. 4 km


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