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28–30 September


Landscape Architect/ Architect, HM Design

Hitesh Mehta is a multi-International award winning planner and designer with Awards in Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, Creative Writing and Interior Design. Hitesh has over 34 years’ experience, having worked and consulted in 65 countries on six continents. As one of the world’s leaders in using landscape architecture as a tool to help alleviate indigenous community poverty and protecting endangered species, Hitesh is a visionary in his field. Because of his holistic approach in private practice, academia, public speaking and publishing, Hitesh is one of the most influential Landscape Architects in the less-developed parts of the world and has most probably, collaborated more with indigenous communities than any other Landscape Architect.

His main work is to help protect cultural heritage, endangered plant / animal species, alleviate poverty in indigenous communities via benefits from ecotourism, and through hands-on workshops, build capacity in local communities. He has worked with over thirty-five indigenous communities in five continents and is a recognized leader in the field of indigenous community empowerment through physical planning, having conducted gender-inclusive participatory workshops in over fifteen countries. Hitesh has been addressing in his work, between six-nine UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and in 2015, Hitesh was the recipient of United Nations (UNEP/GFHS) “Outstanding Achievement Award” for his work with alleviating poverty and protecting sensitive ecosystems.

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