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IFLA 75: Histories and networks, a shift in perspective

Established in Jesus College in Cambridge in 1948, the International Federation of Landscape Architects remains a crucial network for knowledge transfer, progress and professionalisation of landscape architecture and has, throughout its existence, dealt with the prevailing challenges to our built environment. On the occasion of its 75th anniversary it is crucial to uncover, understand and discuss the impact it has had. As British landscape architects and founding members Brenda Colvin, Sylvia Crowe and Geoffrey Jellicoe described in 1976, the Federation’s aim was ‘first, to promote understanding and knowledge throughout a war-shattered world through the common language of landscape; second, to raise universally the prestige of landscape in the public mind; and third, to enable member countries to keep abreast of world ideas’ – to facilitate and propagate landscape architecture in- and outside the profession as being fundamental for the improvement of the human environment. Being an international, professional organization that could work and interact beyond borders, IFLA also played a crucial role in developing ideas and sharing experiences among countries from different socio-political regimes, therefore creating a platform for collaborations on key environmental issues such as ecology, conservation, stewardship of resources or the social use of open spaces. IFLA conferences and publications presented unique opportunities for knowledge transfer and exchange of strategies. As Colvin Crowe and Jellicoe put it, it was also a ‘power for peace’. While acknowledging the commitment of individuals, it has been their collective effort and various collaborations that have shaped IFLA and gave the Federation its significance and importance. Starting from an international, historiographical point of view, this session invites papers to discuss questions including (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • What can we learn about the development of landscape architecture from the understanding and studying of professional networks like IFLA?
  • How did IFLA’s networks operate and how did they expand to become truly global?
  • How can we reposition the role of Europe in the development of landscape architecture profession globally by exploring IFLA’s history?
  • What can we learn through post-colonial readings of IFLA’s history and development? How did colonial networks influence its development?
  • From its establishment, the Federation was particularly open to women, and therefore did play an important role in female professionalization in landscape architecture. What can we learn about the history of the Federation if we interrogate its history from the point of view of gender?

Presentation options

Oral presentation in (virtual) break out session

15 minute presentation during a break out session. Presenters are required to present in person in the digital session according to its acceptance. Registering to either Stockholm/Nairobi/online participation required.


 IFLA 75: Histories and network abstracts:

  • Language: English
  • Theme IFLA 75: Histories and networks; A shift in historiographical perspective
  • Title:  max 10 words
  • Abstract: max 350 words
  • Keywords: max 3 keywords of own choice
  • Author’s name, country, organization/institution, email address. A short biography should also be provided.
  • Presentation location: Virtual session


Submission deadline: 14 April, 2023 at 23.59 (GMT)

Acceptance notification: 1 June, 2023

Registration deadline**: 15 June, 2023

Final program notification: Early September, 2023

**If your abstract is accepted, registration for the conference is mandatory. If you are not able to attend physically, there is an option to attend virtually. The organizers reserve the right to remove any accepted abstract or project whose author does not register by the deadline.


All accepted abstracts and projects will be published in the digital conference publication.


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