28-30 september


We call it:
Emergent Interaction

Design project guidelines

Presentation options

Oral presentation in break out session

15 minute presentation during a break out session. Presenters are required to present in person at chosen site (Stockholm/Nairobi/digital*) according to its acceptance and register to the same (Stockholm/Nairobi/digital*)

Poster presentation in exhibition

Posters will be displayed in an virtual exhibition during the conference. Poster may also be exhibited on chosen site (Stockholm or Nairobi). Poster presenters will have a time set in the programme where they are present in the exhibition for Q/A. Poster presenters are required to register for the conference to be included in the exhibition.

Round table discussion/workshop

Round table or workshop of format desired/described by author/s. Maximum length 45-60 minutes. Presenters are required to present in person at chosen site (Stockholm/Nairobi/digital*) according to its acceptance and register to the same (Stockholm/Nairobi/digital*).

* If you submit an abstract/poster for an online oral presentation, roundtable discussion/workshop or a poster for the online poster session, you also have to register for the conference, but you can choose the “Virtual Presenter” and pay a reduced price (link fees)


Design project posters:

  • Language: English
  • Theme (select one Leave no one behind, Act local, think global, Beyond borders)
  • Format: 1-2 posters, size A1 pdf. Can include, but not limited to, built or planned projects, visions, development schemes etc.
  • Keywords: max 3 keywords of own choice

Posters to be uploaded must must include:

  • Title/project name:  max 10 words
  • Project description: max 250 words
  • Relevance for theme: max 100 words
  • Visual material: Plans, photos, diagrams etc
  • Author/creator: Name, country, email. A short biography should also be provided.
  • Presentation location: Nairobi, Stockholm or in a virtual session


Submission deadline: 14 April, 2023 23.59 (GMT)

Acceptance notification: 1 June, 2023

Registration deadline**: 15 June, 2023

Final program notification: Early September, 2023


All accepted abstracts and projects will be published in the digital conference publication.


For general matters about the congress:


For matters specific to the Swedish registration, program etc:


For matters specific to the Kenyan registration, program etc:



For enquiries, please contact:




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