Act Local

Think Global

Landscape architecture is about what exists between the houses, but also the large landscapes, waterways, social gatherings, democratic places and green structure that generate ecosystem services and biodiversity for life's survival. What we do locally has a major impact globally.

In order to increase the interest and understanding for the Global-Local Connections, the Architects Sweden, the Swedish Association of All Architectural Professionals of Sweden, has started a collaboration with the corresponding organization in the Kenya Association of Architects Kenya (AAK) and their Landscape Architect Chapter (LAAK). The purpose is to strengthen and broaden the view of landscape architecture locally and its impact globally, while at the same time being able to exchange experiences between our organizations.

The initiative for this collaboration was already taken in Montreal in 2017 during the World Congress held annually by IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects). Due to economic and political barriers, participants from different parts of the world have had difficulty participating in the congresses of recent years. At the same time, countries where the profession is already strong, dominates as host countries, which results in a strongly limited global perspective. The African continent has few representatives, while facing the largest urban growth.

To be able to increase the interest and understanding of local-global connections we need to understand our local contexts. Many examples exists of landscape architecture projects as well as portraits of the professionals in Sweden, Europe and US, but few examples exists to showcase the profession in an African context. This creates a big gap of local examples and references that fits into a Kenyan, or African, context. 

By exploring landscape architecture projects and meeting Kenyan landscape architects we want to close that gap, and have an equal exchange of local knowledge that we can exchange in order to adopts to the global changes of climate, migration and technology.

Kenyan landscape architecture
Kenyan landscape architects